We have all heard of behavioral targeting, geo-fencing, youtube video ads, preroll and mobile app ads. Ad Fuel’s programming allows us to build a cohesive campaign that utilizes a set of tools to make sure all of your ads work together. It tailors industry specific information with some of the smartest data management and serving available for comprehensive layered targeting. The technology and ad buying optimization that comes with Ad Fuel ensures that you will always get the most out of your online advertising campaigns.

What Makes Ad Fuel different?

  • Constant optimization of placements and increasing viewability.
  • A/B Testing for Creatives
  • A/B Testing for 1st Party, lookalike and 3rd party targeting audiences to increase ROI
  • Competitive Geo-targeting and Geo-fencing to increase placement
  • Custom Built Campaigns that are analyzed daily
  • Remarketing to non-converting website visitors to increase top-of-mind awareness during all phases of the consumer buying process