The aliens have landed! Yes, you were skeptical at first but now you are one of them....the tv streamers! Come on, everybody is doing it! Talk about an industry that is seeing an extreme amount of growth in subscribers, and streaming services to utilize. This is changing the way that people watch tv, from watching live tv, local tv and even unlocking on-demand content that a tv viewer can access from multiple devices (smart tvs, rokus, tablets, PCs or phones). The switch to streaming is saving people money, offering more content on-demand and making it interesting for traditional broadcast television to hold their viewership. So a little food for thought, when was the last time that your tv campaign was able to target consumers who only fit your demographic? How about layering geographic targeting? Or maybe enabling a behavioral targeting aspect to your tv campaign to only target the lower funnel "in-market" buyers for your product/service?

OTT enables you to take a digital targeting approach to a tv audience which creates a more efficient reach that focuses more on your target. Schedule a call with Digital Ad Science and get the low down on the many ways that you can add OTT Advertising to your marketing mix!