Advanced Social media marketing

Turn your social media into a business driving machine. Yes, we can post and boost social ads on your page but wouldn't you like to get a little more sophisticated? Digital Ad Science pulls together the top social media platforms and the best targeting techniques to reach your target market. We have had great success with tailoring campaigns for our various clients across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Although we have the capability to execute campaigns across Tiktok, Snapchat and Pinterest etc, the effectiveness of those channels really depends on your consumer.

Digital Ad Science loves the use of multiple data targeting angles for our client campaigns. Recently we have found that utilizing 1st party data, similar audiences and 3rd party data coupled with demographic as well as geographic data are some of the most powerful and cost efficient methods that are out there today.

Our campaigns are fully customized but benefit from our constant A/B testing of creatives and data sets for maximum ROI. Contact us today to get a custom built social media marketing campaign!